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Veterans Group Releases Anti-Trump Video That’s Breaking the Internet, ‘Traitor Trump, Who Is the Enemy?’

We have seen so many powerful ads and memes hit social media in the effort to defeat Trump, the greatest threat to democracy, and the rule of law, that the United States has seen since bombs fell on Fort Sumter. They all hit unique points, some educate, all are powerful, and some make the viewer see things in a new light.

But who puts out the video matters, too. The Lincoln Project is brilliant, in part, because they are pros with a ton of experience. Meidas Touche always has legitimacy because they are amateurs new to the scene, motivated by nothing more than wanting to make a difference as citizens. But now we have a video and meme from “Vote Vets.” This is different, this comes from people who have put their lives on the line with the flag on their shoulder, the people who saw some give all to keep the U.S. free. Their message is the most powerful because it comes with unquestionable legitimacy. These people did what Trump did everything to avoid.

So when our best, our veterans, see Russia paying the Taliban to send dead American bodies back to American families, with Trump doing nothing to stop it while also inviting Russia to the G8, they see it as traitorous. Trump’s actions not in the criminal definition of treason, but it’s definitely criminal dereliction of duty. And no, our vets aren’t persuaded by the “He didn’t know,” excuse. It is Trump’s job to know and watch out for the best Americans. Trump failed, and the group with the most credibility must now ask for all of us, “Who is the real enemy?” The question, and the answer, is breaking Twitter.


We are stunned silent, and it seems disrespectful to think we could add anything.

But we’ll add some responses to give you a flavor of its power:

Below, it breaks my damn heart:


We are humbled. Thank you vote vets.


Peace, y’all
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