After a Day of Golf Trump is Back on Twitter Screaming About ‘Fake Suppression Polls’

The U.S. might have set a new COVID record today for cases reported. If we don’t, we’ll be damned close, and that follows up on several new records this week in daily reporting, 74,000 yesterday. Florida released shocking numbers regarding hospitalized patients. Texas is falling apart. The sunbelt is about to crater, and things don’t look good in the west, either. Despite Trump’s pronouncements about schools having to open, the federal government has no plan and no extra money to help schools. The country is about to fall off a cliff that we’ve been tap dancing upon since March. Many have died.

Trump had a rally scheduled for today which got canceled, so he went golfing. Golfing! To be fair, he went to Walter Reed late in the day to visit troops who are sick. But we cynics believe it was all cover to purposefully have his picture taken with a mask. It would be a halfway thing. It would get GOP pols off his back about his stupidity with masks and he could still say he was in a hospital so of course it was needed there, he’s no PC baby like Biden.

But all that was earlier today. Trump is now sitting back at home, putting his hefty legs up, and trying to talk himself out of a panic attack. It is obvious. He is going to party like it’s 1999, no – 2016! Yes! The good old days with no COVID and a big popular vote loss. He needed 70,000 precision votes over three states and he’s in the mood to feel good about that “big” win!

So he’s aware he’s getting his ass kicked in the polls? That’s exactly what that statement says: “I was down in 2016, too! I am going to win!” Except, many people in the middle were giving him the benefit of the doubt in 2016. Now they’ve seen him in action, and he’s thus down double digits, far more than 2016.

Oh and that wasn’t the bad tweet, sorry. We need to put up his most desperate, whiny, mean-girl, tweet:

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No, we have only seen the real polls where Trump is down ten in the Rasmussen poll. Never mind the non-GOP polls, the 12 points on Fox and 14 on others, we’ve seen those, too.

We love the “Rebuilding the economy” part. He is the one that cratered the economy, and people have taken notice. Trump tried to put the economy in overdrive too soon, the instant gratification thing that Trump has done all his life. He ended up running the country like his businesses, half-assed action, and overblown bluster.

We all know that COVID would’ve taken its dent no matter who did what. But the summer-shattering numbers of cases are on him. He forced states open with no federal plan, not a real one. Additionally, Americans desperately need a new aid package. Working families got far too little. Trump goes golfing and wonders why our country is the only one falling behind the world.

The desperation is palpable. There is talk of resignation in the air. He is about to crash. Unfortunately, he’s simply mirroring the country. Things are just now about to get hard. For us, and him. We are nose-diving. But people can make a difference without him. Stay safe.


Peace, y’all
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