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Americans Sickened After Stephen Miller’s Wife Reveals She Feels No Compassion Towards Border Children

If you sit back and try to imagine the type of person who would willfully marry Stephen Miller, it hits you that it would take a person about as evil and self-satisfied as him.

After all, Stephen isn’t going to hide his sick perspective over some Indian food on a date, nor even during pillow talk. Actually, a guy like Stephen is more likely to bring it up in pillow talk, he seems invigorated by the tasks he undertakes.

Katie Miller is likely to have been destined to marry Stephen. She came from Mike Pence’s office, so we know she’s someone who is either such a political striver so as to have no scruples or a true believer in white hetero Christian rule. By dating Stephen, she became pretty powerful because someone manipulating her might be able to manipulate him.

It looks like Homeland Security intended to do just that. According to a new book by Jacob Soboroff, DHS brought Katie Miller down to the border to view the detention centers for herself and thus get her to take some of the compassion back to Washington and maybe get Stephen to change some of the policies (that is the implication). Yet Katie Miller was unmoved.

First, yes, she’s a horrible person for being unmoved seeing the detention centers. Most people would want to break the walls down and move mountains to get the kids back to their parents. But we want to focus on that second quote.

With 99% of the people we meet, that second quote would definitely hold true. “Wait until you have kids, you will see it differently.” For 99% of us, having our own children opens a world up that we didn’t know existed, even though we’d been told our own lives and never doubted its truth. We still had no idea how much our world changed. Indeed, news stories that we used to see as “sad” but never hit our gut, now, well – hit our gut. When we see a story about a young actor dying at 41 with a one-year-old at home, we only think about how much he’d miss his baby, how it would tear him up as he got sicker, the thought of “missing that.” And we think of the mother and child, “Dad” will always be a memory, the child will never know. It breaks us in a way for which we were never prepared.

Katie may be just dead wrong. She may change 100% when she has children. She seems to be just the type of brat that thinks she’s impenetrable, only to have her eyes open upon having to be an adult. And yet if there was ever a person or a couple that could hurt other people’s children and parents, these two would definitely be the candidates.

As you might guess, people were sickened.

These two deserve each other but deserve to be in prison – separated. Even then, though, I wouldn’t separate their children from them, even if they deserve it. I just couldn’t do it. That’s the difference.


Peace, y’all
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