Biden’s New Ad is Breaking the Internet, ‘Things You Would Not Have Believed Possible’

With all the great work being done by various groups on social media, the Lincoln Project, Meidas Touch, Republican Voters Against Trump, Vote Vets, and others, it is sometimes hard to remember that the campaign itself is supposed to be generating messages that we know come from Joe, or at least come from the people around Joe. But yesterday we got an ad released that proves Joe’s team can compete with any of the above and bring the needed message directly to Americans from the man himself. The Biden camp issued an ad as good as any we’ve seen, defining what’s at stake in 2020.

Many of us political junkie types always knew that the person in the White House shaped the nation a great deal. That’s a minority position. The average American figures that maybe a typical president supports different legislation, maybe they are more aggressive internationally, but in the end, the person in the White House doesn’t change the country to a substantial degree. Trump removed all doubt.

Donald Trump once wanted to convince people that putting “the wrong person in office would lead to things no one thought possible” and so he warned people about putting that wrong person in office. As per usual, Trump is only ever right when he’s projecting. Trump has ushered in so many changes that we wouldn’t have thought possible it still takes our breath away. But they need to be put to video, one needs to be confronted with the images to see the changes and appreciate just how much is riding on what we do this fall.

Hate rallies, violence, holding up Bibles, COVID, bodies, markets falling, people in despair …

Biden’s new ad takes Trump’s own words about having the wrong person in office and reminds everyone that very little of what we’ve seen in the last four years could have been believed possible beforehand. It will infuriate Trump seeing his words used against that backdrop. Yet it’s undeniable:

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It is shocking when confronted with all the video as to what can happen when we put the wrong person in office, how quickly things can fall apart.


Peace, y’all
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