‘Drugged Out’ Trump Presser Was Absolutely Bonkers with Trump Claiming November Election Will Be Rigged

Trump took the podium and immediately expressed his sorrow and thoughts to the Cain family. Herman Cain was a pizza CEO and failed political candidate. That’s it. Trump then said that the “China Virus” has killed 150,000 and that’s too bad. Trump didn’t say anything about American saint, the conscience of the Congress, and three decade congressman, John Lewis.

Nor did Trump say that Herman Cain died likely because of the Tulsa rally.

Trump slammed the blue states, California, Oregon, Washington, Maryland, “that were doing well, are not doing so well now.” He didn’t talk about Florida or Texas.

Then Trump stuttered and nearly lost it, he paused for an awkward period and seemed to be searching for a word.

He continued to act as though the disease doesn’t kill people younger than 70 – which is ridiculous, it just killed his friend who was a spry 74. Chuck Todd said that while talking about the virus “Trump sounded defeated today.”

Then he just went on a rundown in figures that he believes helps him, talking about economic figures that he construed as good. He isn’t going to even address the fact that we had the worst economic quarter ever last quarter – nothing on that. He wants you to know that the disease only kills people that don’t count:

It is impossible to follow the stuff he reads because it has no bearing on reality but it’s not even put together correctly. It is impossible to follow what he’s saying:

Trump again went through his voucher commercial, sending money to parents to give to whatever school they want. Trump wants to move the election back but he expects schools to open.

Trump took a question on moving the election, and he suddenly got energized and immediately went into a rant about vote by mail and articles in newspapers regarding vote by mail. Trump does seem sincere about trying to move the election date. Trump says that he wants the election decided on election night – then talks about hundreds of millions foreign ballots will come in. We didn’t have hundreds of millions of ballots in total in the last election total – the winner had less than 65 million. There will not be “hundreds of millions of fake ballots.” There will not be “hundreds” of fake ballots.

Trump then blessed on “absentee ballots,” but the process is identical for mail-in ballots, exactly the same. He is normalizing insanity. He then told us that there was near no way that the country could have an election on November 3rd and not have it be rigged. He is essentially saying that it WILL BE RIGGED.

And he’s doing it all while looking Adderalled-up and also more dazed than usual:

Because he’s stealing legitimacy of democracy right out from under us. Democracy relies upon people agreeing on something and we’ve agreed on legitimate elections before. He just killed democracy. He just killed the election. He told us it “would be” rigged – as if he cannot do anything about it, and he won’t do anything about it, beyond wanting to move it back.

Unbelievable. This nation is in real trouble. He isn’t right, and our democracy is about to “die” due to the Trump virus and we’re not talking about a biological death but a political death.


Peace, y’all
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