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In the Middle of a COVID Recession, Trump Wants $377 Million to Renovate the West Wing

You gotta hand it to the Trumps, they have an impeccable ability to find ways to do “F-Yous” with astonishing creativity. In the midst of a crisis of generational proportions, a pandemic and accompanying fear of recession or depression, Melania decided this is a great time to renovate the Rose Garden, almost as if she wants to establish that she has the right to make the decision because she’ll be enjoying it in the future. Trump wanted a couple of Billion dollars that even McConnell didn’t know about, to build a new FBI building right downtown so that his precious hotel isn’t threatened by new options. And, just today, as Americans are behind in rent and in paychecks, the administration announced that they need $377 million to renovate the West Wing.

To be fair, this is something that each president has known to be needed, but put off because it would mean abandoning the current Oval Office for however long it takes and working out of the EOB. Even Obama said, “No.”

But Trump says, “Da.” As if he owns the place.

But the GSA runs the property, the American people own it, and the campus is far more a military-type site than an office building. Speaking of which, note the amount of money, the need to “renovate,” the fear Trump had with protests, the fences erected, and ask yourself if this “renovation” would result in an even more impenetrable fortress, one that even “troops” would have a tough time taking.

Maybe we’re getting a bit paranoid, but the fencing would likely be the only wall Trump succeeded in making and substantial and no doubt. Protesters will be moved way back. From the AP [1]:

The sum, included in the draft aid legislation from Senate Republicans, would also cover a new security screening facility for the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in the White House complex.

While lawmakers, including Republicans, have balked at the administration’s request for more than $1 billion in the bill for a new FBI headquarters in Washington, the West Wing plan has drawn relatively little scrutiny. The administration says the White House work would “increase the White House campus’s ability to detect, mitigate and alleviate external security and pandemic threats.

Who is paranoid now?

Watch how far back they put the perimeter, and watch what they might do with security measures. It is already a fortress. One wonders.

This could be innocuous, but there are a lot of reasons to not trust the current occupant.


Peace, y’all
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