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Jealous Trump Loses It Over Obama’s Eulogy to John Lewis, ‘I Did More For Minorities Than He Did!!’

From Donald Trump’s alternative universe we have a new assertion, though it doesn’t surprise. Of course, it’s not surprising that Trump would claim that he’s done more for African Americans, Asians, women, all those “groups” that Trump can’t stand and are conspicuously underrepresented in the MAGA rallies, he’s done more for them than Obama ever did.

Let’s just throw out a few fun facts!

Barack Obama put two women on the Supreme Court, one of them Hispanic. Barack Obama had a cabinet that “looked like America” from his Attorney General to his National Security Director. Obama brought universal health insurance to the country and rid the nation of pre-existing conditions, that helped all people, but particularly minorities and women – pretty well everyone except executives who get their health insurance through great jobs. Obama pushed and pushed to get a raise in the minimum wage and Trump … has left that wage what it was when Obama came into office, again hitting all poorer communities, we could go on and on and on.

Obama also brought a sense of pride to the African American community – and rightly so – the first black man to be president was one who was dignified and respected throughout the world. He did bring out a lot of hope for race relations in the United States … all of which promptly went to hell under Trump, who made his name pitting white anger against everyone else.

So, when Trump was asked about Obama’s eulogy for Rep. John Lewis, it’s no surprise Trump used the opportunity to slam Obama. As Trump was prepared to board Marine One, the reporter asked, “Your reaction to President Obama, sir? Your reaction to President Obama? He said that you’re targeting minorities and attacking voting rights.”

And Trump’s response:

Yeah, right, Biff.

That does sound like the guy we’ve grown to abhor evermore. There’s no subject he can’t touch and drag down even further by his false claim that he’s better than this person or that. And who would’ve thought he would claim he was better at something than Obama, or any president?


Peace, y’all
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