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Kayleigh McEnany Gets Caught in Ridiculous Statement, Then Slams Reporter With Passive Aggressive Tweet

We don’t take any joy (at all) in reporting on Kayleigh McEnany’s tiresome antics. All too often we do find ourselves having to report on her outrageousness because she’s, well – outrageous. As members of the media, we believe it’s our job to call out her unprecedented attacks on the media. There is always some friction between a White House spokesperson and the press, but no White House press secretary has ever chastised the press for not covering what she happens to want to be covered. 

Moreover, Kayleigh is the first to publicly attack individual members of the media for reporting on statements in a manner she doesn’t appreciate.

We give you the White House press secretary at her most passive-aggressive and insecure:

The tweet says nothing more than “interesting!” Jon isn’t saying that Kayleigh is a shameless partisan hack, still acting as a campaign spokesperson but paid by the taxpayers with the weight of the White House behind her, even though she certainly is. If Jon Karl had leveled such a personal attack (like we did), perhaps Kayleigh would have a reason to at least respond. But she shouldn’t be responding by attacking, which she does.

Again, let’s look at this:

Jon Karl says she has an “interesting take” on the Mary Trump book. Then quotes her! “I have yet to see the book, but it is a book of falsehood.” And he doesn’t say anything more!

He isn’t saying she’s lying! He isn’t saying she’s wrong! Karl is saying one might wonder about her statement! He is being a reporter, reporting on a statement. Is it Karl’s fault she sounds like a dumbass? Apparently Kayleigh believes it is.

She says her “in box is full.” Okay, does she know whether Trump paid someone to take his SATs? Did she go ask him? Or does she just “know” that when negative things are said about Trump, they’re all hoaxes and none are true?

It is interesting that she knows already and it’s interesting she couldn’t just say “I haven’t read the book and I haven’t spoken to the president. We are busy.” We find that “interesting.”


Karl’s response:


Peace, y’all
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