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Lindsey Graham Defends Trump on Russian Bounties By Saying Trump’s Too Busy to Get Briefings

Lindsey Graham has nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. He is watching Trump free fall from the bridge to a possible second term, and Lindsey knows that even though he’s from South Carolina, he is so intertwined with Trump that he cannot escape the pounding Trump looks to be getting.

Crooks and Liars lays out the Lindsey Graham dilemma, similar to our assessment above:

And his only option, he thinks, is to double down and back Trump harder. He turned to Trump’s favorite show, Fox and Friends, to discuss Russia paying bounties on the heads of US Marines.

Lindsey thinks the fact that Trump shut his eyes to the issue is no big deal. You don’t bother the “Commander in Chief” with such trifles!

“‘You don’t tell the President Of The United States everything you would tell a second lieutenant.” says the Senator from South Carolina.

Sweet baby Jesus, Lindsey. If you don’t tell the president that another country is paying to have your soldiers killed, what would be important enough to alert Trump? That the Democrats have more cash on hand? That the Saudis are interested in booking the Scotland resort for three weeks this coming summer and will pay cash? That China is willing to flood the internet with Trump bots if Trump stays quiet about the concentration camps?

How many Benghazi hearings did they have?

Another nation – a longtime adversary – was paying cash to fighters to kill our troops. That is an act of war. Hell, it IS war! Only in the Trump administration is this “fake news.” In any other administration we would have carrier groups in the Baltic Sea, and fighters flying CAP over the North Pole, we’d be moving troops into Germany and Ukraine. We would have sanctions on Russian goods already, and frozen Russian assets in the United States. Congress would be considering further sanctions (as they are anyway, independent of Trump).

Lindsey Graham is in full panic mode. He has nowhere to go but go full Trump, even when it forces him to humiliate himself on Fox News. It makes one wonder about whether someone else has their talons into Lindsey Graham, forcing him to support Trump and ignore critical issues.

It is hurting Lindsey back home, big time:

Who do you think is/was a better president?

There are many more comments linked to the Harris tweet. They are highly recommended.


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