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Mike Pence’s Motorcade Crashes with Dump Truck in Pennsylvania and the Jokes Write Themselves

In an accident so infused with blessed symbolism that it renews our faith that there is a God that loves us and that it is possible that American saint, John Lewis, is already making “good trouble” in the heavens, Mike Pence’s motorcade, and his bus specifically, crashed – lightly – into a dump truck. It is almost so richly beautiful that one questions its truth. But, it’s true.

According to Rawstory: [1]

Vice President Mike Pence was involved in a “minor fender bender” with a dump truck while en route to a campaign stop in Pennsylvania on Thursday, according to a White House pool report. Pence, traveling by a Trump campaign bus, did not appear to have been injured in the crash, which occurred at a “very sharp curve” in rural Allegheny County, according to the report.

The campaign bus did not have any visible damages, though the dump truck’s driver side was “beat up,” the report said. The vice president then switched into a limousine and kept traveling toward a campaign rally in Greensburg.

But that wasn’t the only road trouble for the vice president’s motorcade. A couple of Pence’s motorcycle escort drivers got into another accident in nearby White Oak minutes later, according to the pool report.

There is that old cliche about these people couldn’t run a two-car funeral procession? …

Obviously, these things happen and it’s not on Pence or Trump or whatever. Haven’t we all had fender benders?

But when the fender bender is with a dump truck and one is Donald Trump’s Vice President, and it happens on the day Trump talks about moving the election, while a good troublemaker just danced into heaven, one has to wonder …

Twitter had a field day:


Peace, y’all
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