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New Lincoln Project Ad Brutally Mocks Trump for Having the Most Disloyal Administration Ever

We have never seen anything like this in over thirty years of covering politics. This isn’t an “ad” so much as a “psyop.” This ad is made for an audience of one and has nothing to do with changing votes, or driving up enthusiasm for either Trump or Biden.

No, this particular ad below is meant to be seen by Donald Trump and only Donald Trump. They will surely run it during the evening on Fox. The sole purpose of this ad is to drive Trump deeper into insanity by playing on his paranoia. In short, everyone is turning on him.

The ad starts by reminding Trump that his polls are way down and runs through one of his clips saying “maybe there are some people that don’t love me,” and moves right into its assertion that, actually, it begins with the people around him. The people that “whisper” behind his back include his own administration. Pompeo and Mnuchin are prominently displayed, then Kayleigh and Kellyanne. The ad takes a swing through Congress with all the usual subjects, most notably McConnell. It turns right through the campaign, showing Brad Parscale and others, the people that are supposed to be helping him get elected. Then, finally, the ad goes straight home, saying it includes his family. Whispering, they all whisper. “They’re not part of it,” “He’s stupid, but they’re not.” They laugh about speeches, policies, and ramps, all behind his back. They whisper and whisper.

This ad can only work on a paranoid man who suffers from severe anxiety and prizes loyalty above all else. The purpose is to get Trump suspicious of everyone around him so that he trusts no one, and the entire operation implodes. There has never been anything like it.

That breaks new ground. Never before has an ad presumed that the president is paranoid and will fall apart by telling him to not trust anyone. Never before has an ad had no outside purpose – none – except to get into someone’s head.

Wow. Americans are very impressed.


Peace, y’all
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