New Lincoln Project Ad Targets GOP Senators Who Voted to ‘Exonerate Trump From His Crimes’

Mitch McConnel and the GOP Senate leaders are horrified. Given the electoral map in 2020, the GOP had no fear about whether they’d keep their majority. Yes, they factored in a possible loss in Arizona, Colorado, and Maine, but they figured they’d make it up in Alabama, Montana, plus they had a few to give, holding a  majority of three senators.

Put it this way, given the state of the economy in January, none of them feared that their support of Trump would cost them. Indeed, it was just the opposite. The GOP senators believed that a vote against Trump in the impeachment process was a killer. But then Trump’s leadership really did get people “killed,” including the economy, and the need to grow race relations exploded out from the George Floyd murder. Everything changed and polls showed a man in free fall.

Now the GOP is terrified. Right now, there are polls that show the GOP behind in all the above races, as well as Senate races in Georgia, North Carolina, Graham is vulnerable in South Carolina and Ernst in Iowa. Indeed the latest political analysts have given the Democrats a greater shot at overtaking the Senate than the Republicans holding on.

So the timing is perfect for the Lincoln Project to go directly at these senators. Learn. Their. Names. takes the whole thing to another level.

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More is coming, because the Russian bounty story is only going to get worse, and tomorrow we find out about Trump’s taxes. The GOP Senators are about to really see what they’ve defended all along. Looked at objectively, COVID, the economy, Black Lives Matter, his taxes, Russian subservience, it’s all going to pile up on them, and Trump is going to continue to fall in the polls because he cannot help himself.

Learn their names and let it rip.


Peace, y’all
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