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‘President Snowflake’ is Trending on Twitter but NOT for the Reason You Think: “Hunger Games”

The Hunger Games? “President Snow?”

Who wasn’t a bit shocked and repulsed by the entire premise of “The Hunger Games?” It was so bizarre and nauseating, it drew one in by being so offensive that one had to learn more about … well, what kind of fck’d up society could possibly enjoy the Hunger Games.

And so the reader did get sucked-in and it was fairly nauseating. That was the point. Defeating it.

What kind of society would tolerate electing (by minority ballot, even) the single worse candidate of the original seventeen Republicans? The candidate that was most hateful toward every group that wasn’t a white male or the people abused by white males? What kind of [segment] of society starts a meme that fits so tightly, #The Cruelty Is the Point, that it makes even the MAGAs uncomfortable? It’s so bad that suburban Republican women are leaving the party in droves? And last, what kind of society stands by, almost helplessly, while the president of those people “fights” a global pandemic doing what everyone can see is the polar opposite of what experts say is needed? The only country on Earth! He did it from the beginning to the point that society leads the world in deaths?


President Snow, and President Snowflake. And it’s the similarities that are driving the two on Twitter right now because cruelty is the point of these parallel worlds and leaders.

Okay. That’s a gut punch one wouldn’t necessarily expect. It doesn’t sit well, either. There’s none of the schadenfreude high we often get in watching Trump get slapped around with his own words. There’s a bit of a sinking feeling.

What kind of society forces itself to go through such a crisis? With such a sick premise.

Ours, but it doesn’t draw you in.


Peace, y’all
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