‘Quiet! Quiet!’: Trump Lashes Out at Female Reporter for Asking Questions About Roger Stone

Trump managed to pack more lies into a statement during chopper talk on his way to Walter Reed to visit wounded warriors, perhaps more than any other two minute blast.

First, a reporter noted to Trump that Attorney General Barr said that Stone’s sentence was just, so why would Trump commute the sentence. Trump flat lied, saying that Barr made the statement a week ago. Trump also implied that it was important that Barr didn’t know that Trump intended to commute Stone’s sentence. What Barr knew doesn’t matter and it is more likely than not that Barr figured Trump would pardon Stone or commute the sentence. Barr said the sentence was just and also said that it is the president’s prerogative to pardon or commute the sentence. Barr washed his hands of the matter entirely.

Later in the conversation, as reporters challenged Trump about the legitimacy of the commutation, Trump angrily told a reporter “Be quiet!” and then simply repeated himself saying that the country is “very happy” because Roger Stone had been “treated very badly.” He never did address the many politicians, including Mitt Romney, among others, who have said the commutation is the definition of corruption.

Finally, Trump went into the same song and dance about the fact that it should be Biden and Obama in prison, not Roger Stone. Trump says that Obama and Biden spied on his campaign and “got caught.” We have yet to figure out who Trump is complaining to since it would be his branch of government, through Barr, that would bring the case which Trump thinks is so obvious. The scary thought is that Trump possibly does intend to have Barr charge Obama or Biden as a last-minute desperate act. Barr likely won’t go that far, he might announce another investigation. But charging Obama and-or Obama would be an outright dictatorship. Only fascists bring charges against a political opponent. It doesn’t mean that Trump won’t ask Barr to do it.

He has no problem abusing reporters, abusing anyone that challenges him. We don’t know which reporter he “sushed” but we’re betting it was a woman.

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