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Stunning New Anti-Trump Ad is Breaking the Internet, Trump ‘Lies, Demeans, Colludes and Has No Credibility’

Trump “won” the last election with an onslaught of bots, bits, microtargeting, and the help of the Russian military computer intelligence group, and he “won” an electoral victory by 70,000 votes spread across three midwestern states, so perfectly threading a needle that one still wonders … And so it shouldn’t take much “Moving the needle” with the American people to hand him a huge loss in the most consequential American election since Lincoln ran to save the Union.

Except that we know that Trump will cheat, the world’s dictators will cheat with him, to do everything possible to do it all again. Thus we have to move the needle daily, the needle has to move to the point that the GOP senators start to abandon him, until he considers resignation. It has to move every day to make cheating impossible, or so dangerous as to not be worth it.

For that very reason, we salute the people that are saturating social media with videos – every day – meant to continue moving that needle. Meidas Touch is one, along with the Lincoln Project, Vote Vets, and, of course, the Biden Campaign itself. Some ads are better than others, and we try to highlight them here.

This ad, in particular, deserves your attention and deserves to be spread everywhere, to get it outside of the left and spread to those who might vote for Trump or might not vote. Nothing destroys Trump as efficiently as Trump’s own words. He has twisted himself in a web of lies that make it clear that he’ll say anything to anyone to help himself. He has no other principle to which he adheres:

Lies, demeans, and colludes? That is Trump, absolutely. But again, it wouldn’t be nearly as powerful without his words right beside his own words, back to back, to back, to back.

Love it, and love the folks at Meidas Touch.


Peace, y’all
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