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Trump Blames Obama and Biden for His Own COVID-19 Failures, ‘They Just Stopped’ Testing!

President Donald Trump took another potshot at former president Barack Obama, blaming him for something that was a non-existent problem during his administration: the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Trump singled out Obama for special attention during a Monday press conference after being asked why he continually blames surging COVID-19 cases on the fact that more tests are being performed, The Week reports. But rather than acknowledge there are more coronavirus cases and therefore, more hospitalizations, he turned the tables on reporters and wanted to know why they weren’t discussing the COVID-19 failures of the Obama administration. And just for good measure, he tossed in some misinformation.

“We have one of the lowest mortality rates anywhere,” Trump said after being asked how the U.S. will stop the spread of the virus.

That misinformation is a gigantic NOPE. The mortality rate in the U.S. is definitely nowhere near the lowest in the world. Increased testing and rising case numbers, coupled with the fact that folks who don’t die from this face severe and debilitating illness make Trump’s clueless remarks even more despicable.

But Trump is, as usual in blame mode.

“Biden and Obama stopped their testing,” Trump said. “I’m sure you don’t want to report it,” but in talking to the reporter he did manage to get one thing right, adding that the virus hadn’t infected anyone until late 2019, well into his presidency.

He followed that up by stating incorrectly that the infamous 1918 flu pandemic started in 2017.

Right about now is the part where my dad, were he still alive, would say “Don’t confuse him with the facts.” And dad would be right because Trump is continually confused by the facts and has been consistently wrong when discussing the deadly virus.

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It would be nice if we could say this is some weirdly dark comedy about a president who continually gets in his own way, but this is the reality we’re living in now, thanks to Trump.

And it’s most decidedly not funny.

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