Trump Brags That He ‘Comprehends Things’ Better Than Anyone Else Does

A lot of very concerning news came out of Jonathan Swan’s Axios interview of Donald Trump which hit the news cycle this morning. We have kept our promise to raise the Russian bounty story every day until someone acts upon it to get answers, and this interview not only offended one’s expectations with respect to our troops, the answers left one wondering again how Republicans can continue to let this guy sit in office when he’s clearly got “something” going on with the Russians.

But we’ll get to that in a moment. First, we need to address how Trump assured us that he understands what’s happening on the ground in Afghanistan and with respect to Russia. He “comprehends things better than anyone else.” That is why he never really had to read the PDB, even though he did, but it doesn’t matter because it was fake. No, that really was sort of his answer, or close to it:

Trump insisted in the interview that he does read the PDB — “they like to say I don’t read, I read a lot” — but stood by the claim that the matter “never reached my desk” because U.S. intelligence “didn’t think it was real.”

It has reached your desk now!!! And rather than “think” whether it is real or not, shouldn’t he find out!!

Someone thought it was real enough that Trump needed to see it! (The leader of the Afghan Taliban said it was happening). Even IF Trump has a hunch that something is fake, someone thought it was real. Trump doesn’t get PDBs that say “Currently, the NSA has no evidence that Canada has unicorns.” Somebody thought there was a decent enough chance so as to get it in the president’s hands.

Having gotten into the PDB, it would seem to any patriotic American that the first thing the president should say, indeed the only thing that the president can legitimately say is “Find out! Now! Get me an answer within a week, and I want updates every 48 hours. Someone call the Russian ambassador and tell him to get over here.”

That is the only acceptable answer. If there is a chance that someone is paying terrorists to kill Americans, the president must do everything possible to determine one way or another. And we American taxpayers spend a sh*tload of money on a lot of very expensive things in order to gather information from around the world.

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Swan then confronted Trump on something that isn’t doubted, that Russia is providing arms to the Taliban. Trump’s answer? “So? We did the same thing when we were over there, we gave the Taliban weapons to shoot at the Russians.”

That. Was. His. Answer.


It is strange, because China seems to be doing a whole lot of things nowadays that make Trump very angry and retaliatory, and damned near all of them are things “we did to them in the past.” It is almost like there is something going on with Russia that keeps Trump from doing anything at all.

It seems as though we comprehend that more than Trump would like.


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