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Trump Erupts — Has Twitter Meltdown Over Stimulus and Tells Lie After Lie After Lie

Look, the f-out!

When one is staring right at Trump’s Twitter feed and sees three pop-up over the course of several minutes, all on the same subject, you know that something big went down. And something big did go down. Mitch McConnell shut down the Senate for another long weekend because he is done negotiating with Schumer and Pelosi.

The dynamic is simple. Mitch McConnell and the GOP want corporate liability protection from COVID lawsuits. They want it so badly that they walked out of negotiations over it.

The Democrats said, “No,” to giving corporate America a big handout, and people now think that Trump is desperate enough that he might even work with Democrats. Trump needs a deal and money going out to families, or he’s even more sunk. He needs it far more than McConnell and the Senate Republicans. McConnell and most of the GOP plan on being around later than January of next year, no matter how mad the voters might be, and McConnell is pissing Trump off by saying “nyet” to the stimulus deal over a “principle.” Trump just needs money going out.

For now Trump is pretending to be mad at Schumer and Pelosi – who are ready to deal with McConnell. But there’s no doubt Trump is sending a message to McConnell, too – Trump is pissed. Keep your head down, they’re coming fast and furious!

They didn’t “block” anything. They had a deal on the table and refused McConnell’s condition of unlimited liability waivers against businesses. They refused to hand corporate America a giant gift. Corporate America would know they’re immune to any lawsuits coming from COVID – how do you suppose corporate America would respond? Safely?  Nope. And that’s why they’re not getting immunity.

So terrible, it’s all China’s FAULT!! “Fault” plays a major role in Trump’s life, a more prominent role than in any other adult’s life. Who is “at fault” is always the issue and it’s never him.

Yes, but McConnell wanted to protect big companies who injure employees and customers through COVID. It was more important to him.

Sad – and we mean that because that money damned well is needed.

This is supposed to mean that Democrats want benefits extended into the foreseeable future.

Who knows.

The “fact” is that Trump needs that money going out even more than the Democrats – who have had the bill. It is McConnell and the GOP that has been MIA until last week.


Look out folks, lots of time left in the day.

Speaking of … another one. Did you know that Trump blocked planes from China?


Peace, y’all
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