Trump Gets Pummeled for Attacking Bubba Wallace and NASCAR Confederate Flag Ban, ‘You are a Racist!’

This is just awful, but that’s the entire point. Even though Trump started his campaign with a racist speech, he’s indulging that racism more and more as he tries to save his election hopes. He is convinced that racism is the way to go to get his base back. So far it’s been the reason he’s bleeding support.

So, Trump puts out a tweet that feeds the white grievance culture, that white people are the real victims of racism, that it’s not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. This, of course, coming from a wealthy white man who presumes to know about racism … and perhaps he does, given he’s been a racist all this life.

So why not start a Monday morning with a revolting tweet that makes no sense whatsoever except from a racist starting point?

Of course, we see that Trump is doubling down on the Confederate flag issue. The state of Mississippi has decided it’s time to change and get a flag that unites the whole state. Trump wants to go the other direction. But that’s not our focus in this tweet.

We aren’t 100% certain that the noose was merely a “tie” for the door at this garage for months. It certainly wasn’t a “hoax” in that it sure as fck was a noose, for whatever use. It’s not a hoax. Of course, there’s the odd thing that “of all the garages” the door “knot-noose” just happened to be assigned to Bubba. Perhaps someone knew the noose was there (perhaps for months) and assigned Bubba that garage as a sign? We don’t know. We only know that the FBI couldn’t make a case. We believe them, that there wasn’t evidence against one person. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t done, not all crimes can be solved. Some people lie.

But let’s just take the FBI at its word and it was all a misunderstanding. Only Trump would find it “offensive” and in need of an apology for the fact that someone reported it (Bubba didn’t), Bubba did voice concerns and NASCAR showed its support. Let’s say it was a mistake. It wasn’t BUBBA’s mistake! It WAS a noose, whether intended for him or not!

So, NASCAR makes a show of support under the premise it was a noose. What’s the problem? Is the problem the show of support? It sure as fck seems like it, and that’s only a problem to a racist. To the rest of us, it’s just a “So what? It was beneficial to talk it out and support Bubba with or without a planned noose. That’s a good thing.”

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But not Trump.

So many took the opportunity to respond with their non-racist indignation:

Yes, exactly what we said.

Only racists fear this type of stuff.

Our loyal readers have no doubt that we’re not about to let the bounty story go. We report on it nearly every day as it is the single most important story of his presidency. Only Trump says it’s a hoax, even Kayleigh won’t go that far. The bounty story could easily prove that Trump is a traitor to his troops and this nation because he’s more loyal to Putin. Trump may be more worried about Putin turning on him personally than Putin turning our troops into targets. Paying people to kill our troops sounds a lot like an act of war!

NOPE, never even admitted he was wrong, not “really.”

That is all this is and it is interesting to note that we did not see one Trump supporter agreeing with this particular tweet. Since there are thousands of responses there are sure to be some. But not many.


Peace, y’all
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