Trump Humiliated by Pitiful Florida ‘Crowd’ at Mini-Rally That Was Intended to Cheer Him Up

Donald Trump has a thing about crowd size. Well, he has a thing about “size” generally but there’s no reason to revisit such sick stuff when we have new and better material. Right now, Trump is having all kinds of problems with sizes, including the size of his poll numbers, the size of the economic downturn, and the size of his COVID failure. But there is nothing that will get to Trump faster and sting harder than the size of the crowds that are no longer there for him, no longer willing to risk themselves for him, or wait all day in the rain. They have moved on.

This is particularly devastating for Trump because the crowd size thing was the only element of the presidency that he liked, indeed loved. He loved soaking up all the adoration, it was the high-grade heroin that the narcissist needed shot in his veins, the crowds all cheering him. How many times did we read it? “His staff wants to get him out of the White House and back on the road …” “He really needs to get back out among ‘his people,’ that will cheer him up.” Variations on that? All the time.

So now this. Trump went down to Florida today. We’re not really sure why and we really don’t care anymore. He went down for a couple of roundtables to make the visit at Mar-a-Lago not stick out so badly. Then he had to cancel his Mar-a-Lago trip because of the hurricane and was stuck having to do the roundtable and speak at the Tampa airport. They expected at least a decent crowd:

Look at this picture, the one “pulled back.”

Ohhh noooo!!!

Yet again. That makes Tulsa look like Woodstock! Of course, there have been some bad developments since Woodstock. Can one imagine Trump’s thoughts as the plane pulled up to … dozens?

And here’s the sad thing. According to The Independent, that mini-rally was planned by Trump’s staff to cheer him up.



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