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Trump INFURIATES Americans by Tweeting that Everything is Going Great with Coronavirus, ‘Low and Steady!’

This country is barely hanging in there, clinging to a cliff above the abyss. The United States is the only country on earth where COVID is setting record numbers. Trump STILL says it’s because we’re the best at testing. Newsflash, other countries have tests, too. In fact, they have had them longer than the U.S. Their numbers are down.

There is real evidence that right now as you read this, our troops in Afghanistan have to worry about a rifle sight on their head, the pull of a trigger for thousands in cash. Trump says it’s a media hoax, he couldn’t be bothered to read a PDB, or listen to Bolton.

Many citizens are still unemployed. Many businesses are dead, from airlines to hotels, mostly small businesses, and lower-paid workers. The powerful were taken care of, probably made a profit off government aid. But the economy is still barely hanging on, even as many are crushed.

The vast majority of our people desperately want a moment of unity to take the next step in racial relations, conservative whites (many of them) want to be part of changing our society for the better. But we have a president who is on the verge of calling for an uprising to stop the movement. The country so desperately wants to take a stand for itself, might instead explode this summer in protests, alongside explosions in COVID.

But please don’t worry. The official report from the president of the United States is that the situation couldn’t possibly be better:

So everything we’ve written above is fake, and un-American. It is clearly written to fake y’all out into hating Trump. Our COVID numbers are the only ones in the world spiking because we just kick that much ass! It’s great! It is true that deaths are at a lower rate per case, but that’s because our doctors and nurses are working so hard that there is a learning curve, they can do things now to help more people. That doesn’t mean that 135,000 people haven’t died, and 200,000 will die before the election! Moreover, deaths are a lagging indicator. In three to four weeks the death rate may be up quite a bit.

Job numbers? “Record new highs?” Yeah, when you start with 40 million new unemployed because the entire economy shut down, the initial opening will give good numbers on paper. In the real world, people are still crushed.

This is just who Trump is. Despite a dangerous and horrific situation, everything is perfect. Everything negative is fake. Fck you if you don’t support him, you’re the enemy.

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Exactly. ICUs being full tell another story.

That is just so tragic and sad. It is so cruel of him to be angrily tweeting about the perfection we see when people are missing the dead.

Everything is a lie.


Peace, y’all
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