‘Trump Is Not Well’ is Trending on Twitter and It Looks Like All Bad News for POTUS

Yes, right now #Trump Is Not Well is trending number one on Twitter. It isn’t hard to figure out why. Rarely do so many horrific and stupid things come together all in a 24-48 hour period.

But above all else, it is Trump’s suggestion that perhaps the election be put off that is dragging him down today – though we’ll get to all the other stuff – as it rightly should. In 1864, in the middle of a war that would kill more Americans than any other war, 150,000 Union soldiers voted for Lincoln by mail. It is a suggestion so abhorrent that the GOP won’t stand up for it – only people in his administration, which may be all he needs.

In the news today, the worst economic quarter in our history, worse than the Great Depression, and right now, the immediate future looks worse than the immediate past:

More and more people are talking about Trump’s “cognitive ability” since he himself has brought it up so often. When one’s president is out bragging the he passed a cognitive exam that is designed to be passed by anyone remotely lucid, there is a problem. So when he starts to brag about it, one has to ask about his fitness, and people certainly are. One must read a transcript to truly appreciate how unwell Trump must be:

Try to imagine another country’s president speaking like that – even if the person speaks English as a third language. It doesn’t compute. He is not well.

And this is all happening on the day that three real living presidents gathered to bury a true American hero, each one of them speaking. The current president didn’t come – wouldn’t even go to the capitol – because we don’t have a real president right now.

The day is going to get worse. And as it turns out:

And just look at this, doesn’t it make you weep? Question how we went from someone like Obama, to someone like Trump??


Peace, y’all
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