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Trump Melts Down on Air Force One with Angry, Bitter Tweetstorm, ‘Sick and Tired Of It!!’

It is on now from a very angry Donald Trump.

Things have not been going well for Trump lately, having endorsed demon sperm, alien DNA, and reptilians. His buddy Louis Gohmert has COVID and is busy spreading it around the Capitol – so Trump should feel vulnerable to COVID, but won’t. He is losing big to Biden, and has made his own campaign that much harder with self-inflicted wounds every time he speaks to a camera … or tweets.

He had a huge makeup fail [1], that we’ve already covered.

And boy is he ever tweeting his ass off this morning. We shall attempt to line them up in some sensible order, hitting only the highlights with a few comments thrown in between. Hang on.

Actually, big pharma did better than just about any industry in Trump’s bailout, but Trump is always a hero in his own mind.

After about five tweets alerting various locals across the country about the several million that the federal government has coming in grants, Trump got back to business, to complain about … Fox News!

Yes, well nothing is what it was like four years ago, and part of what makes them so unwatchable is they’re forced to cover Trump, and he happens to be unwatchable.

Trump is furious about Twitter cutting off lies about hydroxychloroquine and the democracy-killing lies about mail-in ballots. He believes he should be able to lie consequence-free. This is fascist stuff, talking about choking off private companies due to policies that displease him.

His most racist tweet, perhaps ever:

He went back at Big Pharma (or is he really? Because this sounds a bit contrived. We suspect he’s been quite good to big pharma, so this might be all talk, all punching bag, full of cash):

Biden and Obama brought us insurance without limitations on preexisting conditions. No matter what drug prices cover what, every American benefited from that policy alone. His administration is busy trying to kill that clause, too.

Portland would be gone without him:

This tweetstorm is far from over – most likely. We will continue to update.

Oh, there’s more!! Trump is giving himself credit for saving the city of Portland.


Peace, y’all
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