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Trump Once Brutally Slapped His Son Don Jr. in College Because He Wore a Yankees Jersey

Donald Trump is mighty proud of his temperament. Following the death of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi, Trump reveled in saying that the terrorist “cried and whimpered” like a dog.

Scott Melker, a DJ and realtor who lives in Miami Beach, says Trump’s temperament was pretty obvious when he encountered him back in college at the University of Pennsylvania.

The way Melker tells it in a lengthy Facebook post, he lived in the same freshman dorm at UPenn as Donald Trump Jr., who attended the Wharton School. One day, the elder Trump showed up to pick up his son for a baseball game and flat-out slapped the crap out of his kid when he wasn’t dressed for the occasion.

“Don Jr. opened the door, wearing a Yankee jersey. Without saying a word, his father slapped him across the face, knocking him to the floor in front of all of his classmates,” Melker writes on Facebook. “He simply said ‘put on a suit and meet me outside,’ and closed the door.”

Melker posted the story, he says, because he thinks the moment illustrates Trump’s dangerous angry streak.

“In light of what I saw that day, it is clear to me that Donald Trump lacks the temperament and basic social decency to run our country,” he says.

Melker has been DJing for 14 years and has played with a litany of top acts, including Future, T.I., and Jason Derulo; he also works as a realtor in Miami Beach. Through a spokesperson, he declined to further discuss his Facebook post.

As grim as it is, this all certainly does sound plausible. We know how much Donald Trump likes his suits. And according to Trump’s first wife, Ivana, the Donald didn’t exactly have a great relationship with his three eldest children. As she said at a benefit a few weeks ago: “I brought up the children singlehandedly. Donald wasn’t really interested in the children until he could talk business with them.”

Plus, this wouldn’t be the first time Don Jr.’s been accused of frat boy-esque antics. Back in 2002, just a few years after getting his undergrad degree, the New York Post reported the following late-night anecdote:

According to the sources, Trump, 24, was becoming loud and obnoxious around 2 a.m. at the Comedy Cellar on MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village.

Sources said people at a neighboring table thought Trump was reacting too enthusiastically to a comic’s ethnic humor.

Other sources said Trump’s beer splashed on a woman with a neighboring party.

“You think that’s funny?” one of the men yelled at Trump. He and another man at the table then pitched steins at Trump, and opened a gash in his head that required 28 stitches.

“Three couples kept telling him to be quiet, but he refused,” a source said.

Then again, in 2004, New York Magazine [1] wrote that, while at Wharton, Trump Jr.“had a reputation for getting into drunken, do-you-have-any-idea-who-I-am? fights.” (Don Jr. told the magazine that he’d given up the stuff some time around 2002.)

Here is Welker’s full post: