Trump Says He Wants to Keep Confederate-Named Bases Because He Get’s a Lot of ‘Positive Retweets’

As Molly Jong-Fast says, our president is basically ten years old.

You look at the transcript below and it reveals damned near everything one needs to know. Trump is talking with Senator Jim Inhofe, one of the most conservative and “Trump-Loyal” members of the Senate. They are talking about keeping the names of military bases named after southern generals from the civil war. It is odd, we don’t have a Naval base named after Admiral Tojo, and no one trains at the Fort Rommel army base in Georgia, so it’s not like it’s a tradition to name bases after officers that the United States has beaten in wars.

Regardless, this matters to Trump because … not because Trump feels all that deeply about the names of bases, but Trump does care about two things. He cares about making sure that he’s throwing out the right racist dog whistles. And he certainly is, by arguing that the names of military bases named after confederate officers shouldn’t be changed. That’s less a dog whistle than an underwater whale ping.

And Trump knows he wants to keep his “MAGA heads” happy. And on the confederate general’s names, he knows he has a political winner.

He is talking about “re-tweets” as evidence that a federal public policy, at the presidential level, should be considered. The very fact that Trump is tracking his retweets is alarming – that he has that much time and that little to do that he’ll keep an eye on what people pass on.

The only argument is the age at which to peg him:

Ratings do two things. They substitute for love from his father, and he also equates ratings with money.

In case there’s confusion:

So, yes, we’re looking at something as important as the symbolism of naming forts after southern traitors to appease racists, and he’s basing it on the number of retweets.

Seven years old.


Peace, y’all
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