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Trump Says He’s ‘Not Sure He Could Have Done Anything More’ as President, While COVID-19 Rages Across Country

Donald Trump took a moment last night to assess his performance in the three and a half years in office. As you might expect, Trump determined that he had done literally all he could do for the country.

From Talking Points Memo [1]:

“I’m not sure I could have done any more,” Trump told WRAL [2], a local news station in North Carolina, where he is expected to accept the Republican bid for a second term in August. The President has said he will formally confirm those details by early next week.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, and actually doesn’t. We have heard almost the identical statement before. He has given himself an “A+ grade” (Not an “A,” but an “A+” which don’t even really exist anymore except in Trump’s head), he has said he takes “no responsibility” for the things that have gone wrong in the COVID crisis and time after time, he’s said that he’s been perfect, indeed, always.

“We’ve done more than I think any administration has done,” Trump told the NBC-affiliated station when asked to reflect on his term as President, adding that “nobody even challenges that.”


It all depends upon what he’s counting with respect to “more” being done. He has done “more” to move this government toward fascism, no one even challenges that – not even the Republicans, who are fine with it. He has done more to move money from the U.S. Treasury into his personal account than any in history, nobody even challenges that.

If he is talking about doing more than freeing the slaves and winning the civil war, or defeating the Great Depression and then fighting the worst war ever fought on this planet, then he’s wrong.

The President lamented that “things were really starting to come together” before what he called “the plague from China” made landfall in the United States, but argued that since that time “we shut it down” — even as cases continue to climb and the President’s team of experts warn that thousands more people will die if adequate action to curb the virus is not established quickly. We’re going to have a tremendous next year,” Trump said, adding, “we’re going to have a great third quarter.”

Just as the problem with “doing more,” Trump has a unique definition of “shut it down” with respect to COVID. If he means “hope” that we’ll get through it without too much damage, he has largely shut that down. If he really meant shutting down COVID, he might look to New Zealand, which did, actually – shut COVID down.

As always, Trump never finds fault in anything he touches. Each and everything he’s ever done has been “perfect,” and he can justify anything. The fact that a president – leading a nation that has gone through what we’ve gone through – says that he’s done more than any administration and that no one even challenges this “assertion,” demonstrates just how much this president continues to hurt this country.

It won’t stop until he’s taken out of office, no one even challenges that.

You can watch the full interview HERE [2].


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