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Trump’s Slurred Speech and ‘Grooming Issues’ Have People Talking Again About Decline

We have already spent considerable time reporting on the awfulness of last night’s speech. It was described by the New York Times as “dark and decisive” which is strong language from mother Times. Translated into netspeak the speech was disturbing and malicious. Of course, the description encompasses the content of the speech, not so much the delivery or aesthetics.

We noted last night that Trump was slurring his way throughout, using that podium “side-to-side” lean that he does when reading something for the first time, which he clearly was – and not doing it well. One can always tell when he’s reading because his vocabulary expands by 25% and he goes up and down in volume – what we call his “sing-song” voice.

So the slurring was one thing, and there was also his “appearance.” We reported on the fact that many people noticed that Trump’s makeup was thicker and darker last night than had been previously seen. “Rotisserie chicken” as someone said, we used “baked ham.” He just all-around looked terrible, perhaps worse than at any public speaking engagement.

We are now told by Tom Joseph – a man who has studied FTD (frontotemporal dementia) and gone through it with a family member, though not a doctor – that Trump’s issues were far more noticeable last night and that they portend a terrifying tailspin:

We cannot attest to the dementia aspect, but it absolutely is true that during several portions of the speech, Trump seemed to want to be angry, and deliver a forceful showdown – but just couldn’t do it. We ascribed it to being “sleepy,” or “medicated,” but it could be something else.

“Grooming issues,” yes – that’s how bad it was.

Who do you think is/was a better president?

In terms of safety risk? He is already at incredible risk! The people around him are dropping like flies from COVID. Secret Service agents, his homewrecker daughter-in “common law,” people at rallies. COVID is IN the White House and IN the countryside, and he’s doing all he can to mix it all up. One almost has to wonder if he’s taking direct orders from someone wanting to destroy America. And yes, he’s always in danger of falling.

We aren’t the only ones having real doubts as to the stability of all this:

We have just learned that the above photo is photoshopped…thank goodness.

It is difficult to tell who is in more trouble, him, or us. We do know who looks worse.


Peace, y’all
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