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Watch Mark Cuban Mock Hannity to His Face for His Pathetic, Softball Trump Interview

Some of us have known since 2016 that Trump had a “thing” with Russia, a peculiar personal tick where Trump would publicly ask Russia for help with his election, and never once criticize Russia, not back then, not upon hearing Russia interfered in our elections, and not now upon hearing about bounties on American troops’ heads.

We bring it up because it would be unusual for Russia to acquire control of an asset (as they appear to have with Trump) and not acquire appropriate media propaganda to further their asset’s cause. Russia practically invented media propaganda.

If you recall, Fox News was not always behind Trump in the Republican race, indeed Megyn Kelly earned Trump’s wrath. And yet Sean Hannity was there from the beginning. We just make a note of the coincidence.

Someone else has noticed that Sean Hannity does all he can to promote Trump. Mark Cuban went on Hannity’s show last night and mocked Hannity’s obsequiousness to Trump right in front of his face. According to our friends at Rawstory:

Cuban noted how badly Trump performed during the townhall, stressing that even softball questions from Hannity were too challenging for the president. The billionaire asserted, “Sean, you gave Donald Trump the ultimate softball question, and he couldn’t answer it.”

Hannity didn’t even try to respond to the comment! Instead, Sean went straight to his safe place, attacking Biden for the very thing that Cuban brought up.

“Joe Biden’s lost it,” Hannity told Cuban. “He doesn’t have a fastball, a curveball, or a slow pitch. Come on, Mark.”

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Cuban was having none of it:

“Come on, you know Donald Trump can’t answer your questions,” Cuban shot back. “You and every Fox News interviewer gives him the easiest questions, and he can’t answer them. Why is that, Sean?”

Yeah, Sean?

It is because he is uneducated? Self-absorbed? Lazy? Immature? Yes! And on top of that Trump may be the one in cognitive decline.

But since Sean might also be an employee of the motherland – we don’t know, we’re speculating – he can’t say anything negative about Trump, and didn’t, even when challenged on his own show. One has to wonder whether Cuban will be invited back.

By the way, on Fox News and among the Right, it is now “accepted” knowledge that Joe Biden has dementia and is in mental decline. It seems to be a preemptive strike over accusations that will be leveled at Trump. It also makes the debates vitally important.

Here’s the Trump interview in question:

And here is Hannity getting called out, and it’s beautiful:


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