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‘Bikers for Trump’ Founder Says the Left ‘Planned’ the Coronavirus Pandemic to Hurt Trump

Ordinarily it isn’t newsworthy when one of Trump’s weirder-type supporters spouts some weirder-type conspiracy. But not all Trump supporters are created equal, even Trump has some favorites that he likes to continually mention, boaters being one (of course) and bikers being another.

Chris Cox, head of the Bikers for Trump organization, was on CNN to talk about COVID and he immediately explained how this is all actually a “plan” by the left.

From Mediaite [1]:

In a Saturday evening appearance on CNN, the founder of the “Bikers For Trump” organization, Chris Cox, made several questionable claims about the coronavirus pandemic, calling it a “plan-demic” organized by the “left” to sink the U.S. economy and damage President Donald Trump.

“A lot of predictions have been made. There were predictions that over 5% of the people that caught this would actually die when actually it’s less than 1%,” Cox told CNN host Boris Sanchez. “We’ve have to mitigate these predictions and put them in perspective, and a lot of us believe this might be a ‘plan-demic’ as opposed to a pandemic and I for one am one of them.”

Well, lets put one thing in perspective right now, none of us ever saw any prediction that over 5% of the people that contract the disease would die from COVID. If there has been a consistent plan, it seems that the plan has been to deny the seriousness of it, “the flu,” “the sniffles,” “some just go to work.”

But Cox was just getting warmed up, Sanchez challenged Cox on whether he believed that the Left actually “planned” this:

Sanchez followed up asking, “Hold on, wait, wait. I’m not talking about the projections. I’m asking if you believe this pandemic, Coronavirus, Covid-19 was planned?”

“I believe that it’s being polarized by the left for the simple fact —” Cox said before being interrupted by Sanchez who again asked, “I’m not asking you about the political reaction. Do you think that this is a plan by some nefarious organization to hurt Americans?”

“I think this is planned by the left to sink this amazing economy that our president has built greater than anyone else, and that these numbers are being just exaggerated across the board,” Cox said. He then claimed that he knew a doctor in South Carolina who sent in a clear swab “and it came back he was positive.”

The numbers are “exaggerated across the board.” That must be how the Left is implementing its plan. One wishes that people like these would be led by the hand to one of the hospitals full of COVID patients. Ask him, is this an exaggeration? Is this part of the plan?



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