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CBS’s Paula Reid Seen as a National Hero for Cornering Trump — Causing Him to Flee Presser Like a Coward

Donald Trump has been bragging about “Veterans Choice” for at least a year. When Trump refers to Veteran’s Choice, he’s talking about the bill that allows veterans to bypass the VA system and to go a physician or healthcare network in their area and have the expenses paid out of the VA system. It is a great resource for veterans and one that was long overdue when it was passed … back when Obama was president. Yes, Obama signed the Veterans’ Access to Care in August of 2014.

But that hasn’t stopped Trump from going around the country talking about getting the legislation passed himself and signing the bill. Indeed he will embellish it, saying “for years, people talked about getting it done, and no one ever got it done.” Rawstory says Trump has made the claim 140 times. Today might be the last time.

Because today, during the “show” at Trump’s Bedminster resort, CBS’s Paula Reid specifically confronted Trump, asking him why he continues to take credit for Veterans’ Choice, and saying it is simply not true. A “falsehood,” is what she called it. Trump ended the press conference when pressed on it.

Now Paula Reid is being celebrated throughout the internet. One might say it is as much an indictment of the press, that it has taken this long. But we’ll simply focus on the positive for today. We might have more confrontations coming in the future, as this one is getting the praise it deserves.


We are sure it already happened.

Yes, do tell your friends because right now this man wants to take credit for the water off the Long Island shore.

And here is how the MAGA heads interpreted what happened in the press conference, nothing about the lie Trump told, or why he couldn’t simply answer the question, only scorn for ruining the press conference:

Ha! So Reid was the one who walked out? We are supposed to be angry with Paula Reid because Trump didn’t want to answer the question?

Nice. Yes, “emasculated” is the right word, along with “coward.”



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