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Don Jr. Gets Pummeled For Mocking Biden’s Bike Ride, ‘Let’s See Your Old Man on a Bike, Skipper!’

Yesterday we reported on the fact that the video of Biden out for a vigorous bike ride, flying by some of the media in a mask, would make a powerful contrast to the obese, suited-up, Donald Trump. We said it would make a huge contrast when juxtaposed against Trump shuffling down a ramp at West Point. Indeed, it wasn’t long before someone put the videos out side by side in one tweet.

Compelling. We knew it was powerful but seeing it side by side really hits the viewer as to which candidate is the one in decline. It sure didn’t take long to get a response from the Trump team.

No one would expect Don Jr. to respond with wit or any deep analysis, but this one is truly special and could be a bit revealing.

First of all, many people don’t know that Biden did have two brain aneurysms in 1988, which last we checked was 32 years ago. Don Jr. is trying to make it sound like a recent development, which is a real low-blow. Second, the tweet reads like Don Jr. figured out halfway through writing it that the media would be absolutely correct to go “nuts” if the president of the United States had “two brain aneurysms” and thus had to add something to make it innocuous-sounding.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about Don Jr.’s oddly-worded cry. He says the media would go nuts about a brain injury in Trump, “Even if no symptoms were manifest.” That doesn’t sound like Don Jr.’s normal vocabulary. It is almost like this is a subject that has gone around the Trump camp in some form or fashion. We cannot know, but this is certainly one highly defensive tweet, and an ill-thought-out one, too. Why give the video even more attention? And why personalize it in such a weird way? Is it because Trump has had some sort of brain incident that has impacted his balance?

Americans weren’t happy with the accusation:


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