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Former UK Acting Ambassador Drops Shocking News on Maddow About Trump, ‘It’s a Big Red Flag!’

The level of corruption in the Trump administration is breathtaking and unparalleled. According to a new report on Rachel Maddow, not only did Trump have his people pressure the ambassador to the United Kingdom to get the British Open golf championship played at his Turnberry resort (we knew of those allegations), Trump and Pompeo have been burning through Inspectors General in order to bury the report on the corrupt pressure, which would have otherwise come out in May.

According to Rawstory:

Former acting ambassador to the U.K., Lewis Lukens, told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that the inspector general raised questions to him and embassy staff in the U.K. about President Donald Trump’s demand for the ambassador to lobby for the British Open to be hosted at Trump’s golf course in Scotland.

We had reported on the above earlier this week. We did not know that the corruption extended into burying the report altogether:

He explained that when the inspector general did the investigation they went back to Washington to write up the report and that it should have been released by now, but it obviously has not. Today, the acting IG, who took over just three months ago, abruptly resigned.

The resignation, quite obviously, led Lukens to go public with the allegations – though, admittedly, it is like throwing a bucket of water in the Pacific at this point. But that’s how a person like Trump rolls, he is just so thoroughly corrupt that you’d be shocked if he ever followed a rule and one gives up on trying to hold him accountable.

“We understand from public reporting that that report was classified or otherwise marked in such a way that would prevent its release in May,” said Maddow, noting that the former IG was also fired by the administration after.

“Maybe the Congress can take a look at it to make up their minds,” said the former ambassador. Lukens said that he kept copious notes that should probably be subpoenaed by Congress and he should probably be called in to testify.

Inspectors general are supposed to file the investigations with Congress. Congress isn’t supposed to have to re-do an entire investigation. This is exactly why Trump fired all those I.G.s in the big “purge,” so that these investigations didn’t find any daylight.

Here is the video:

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