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George Conway Calls Out Jared Kushner and Kanye West for Secretive Meeting, ‘Coordination Between Candidates is Illegal’

It is on now. This is what happens when two arrogant and wealthy men seek to impose themselves on the American political landscape without either one of them really knowing what they’re doing, or having earned a spot at the table, both arrogant and cocksure of their ability, forgetting that there are laws and complexities to these matters and that someone can get in a lot of trouble, quickly, if they’re not careful.

We reported this morning that the media has learned that Kushner met with Kanye last week in Colorado. We said that Jared had best be careful, that Kanye’s “campaign” was already flirting with election fraud charges, given the faux signatures that Kanye’s campaign submitted and that if Kushner was definitively linked to the Kanye campaign, Kushner could get in real trouble.

Now George Conway has a more direct warning to Kushner:

“Coordination between candidates and campaigns may be ineffectual—but it’s still illegal, and possibly criminal, under the Federal Election Campaign Act,” said Conway. “Also, even apart from Kanye’s mental state, if this meeting was for political purposes—specifically, influencing the election—it was blatantly illegal.”

Yes, yes it is.

Jared would do well to pay attention to this warning because even though Jared has felt bullet-proof while working in Trump’s White House, where one only gets in trouble if one doesn’t break laws to promote Trump, things may well change fast under a new attorney general. Moreover, if all this falls apart and people wants answers, Kanye is understandably going to be saying that he didn’t appreciate what was going on, that reports about his mental health issues are real, and that he was being used. Thus Kanye would be someone looking to point the finger at those who “made him do it.”

Simply put, from Jared’s perspective, Kanye would be the worst person with which to coordinate, because even now people see that Kanye isn’t in control of things. But someone is in control, and one of them could well take the fall.

We join George Conway in warning Kushner. Be careful.


Peace, y’all
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