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Jared and Ivanka’s Friday Night News Dump Bombed BIG TIME — People in an Uproar Over Their Conflicts

If you are a judge in a small town and took a case that in some way impacted you, your business, your friends’ businesses, or even looked like it might involve you, your business, your friends’ businesses, you would have to recuse yourself from that case because of an obvious conflict of interest. The entire legitimacy of the system rides upon having neutral arbiters make decisions that are best for the people involved.

Normally, people high up in government positions, such as cabinet secretaries, White House advisors, and presidents, simply put all their assets in a blind trust. A financial adviser manages whatever money they have in stocks, business, or other interests.

It is far more difficult when the person owns companies that are conspicuous – they can’t be “hidden” – and when they don’t turn their businesses over to a blind trust, to begin with. This is the case with Ivanka and Jared.

But they must file financial reports. Being good little Trumps, they filed those reports late on Friday so as to avoid “coverage.” They sure hope that something much bigger comes up this weekend. But people have already taken notice of the couple’s hopeless conflicts, and possible illegal maneuvering:

From The Daily Beast:

Disclosures obtained by a watchdog group show that White House Senior Advisor and presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner raked in as much as $3 million from projects benefiting from Trump administration initiatives in 2019, plus up to $1 million more in rent money from firms which later received COVID-related small business loans from the government.

The documents, released by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, show that the Kushner windfall includes revenues from a Jersey Shore luxury development that benefited from a real estate tax break publicly pushed by First Daughter Ivanka Trump—Kushner’s wife—in 2017.

And from James Hohmann of the Washington Post:

“They put this out late on a Friday night because they don’t want people to understand the extent to which they’re profiting from private business holdings, which present tons of conflicts of interest and from which they haven’t fully divested, while working in the White House,”

“Jared and Ivanka continue to collect huge sums from their outside businesses even as they work inside the administration. Their combined income last year ranged from $36.2 million to $157 million, based on the ranges in the disclosures,” he added in a second tweet, this time using a bag of money emoji and a stack of cash emoji.

This entire criminal operation cannot be gone fast enough. They are laughing at us, but it’s not over yet. They would’ve driven that judge out of town by now, and perhaps these two have their day of reckoning coming.


Peace, y’all
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