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More Than 350 Faith Leaders Nationwide Endorse Biden, Citing ‘Need Of Moral Leadership’ And ‘Hope For Better Future’

It’s nice to know there are some reasonably intelligent people of faith out there, considering that we have to frequently deal with the Trump-supporting likes of Rick Wiles and Jim Bakker who rely on selling snake oil and delusion, not to mention the current shenanigans from Jerry Falwell and wife Becki. And there are so many others like them out there who are variations on this theme. So it’s refreshing to find out that 350 faith leaders have come together to endorse Joe Biden for President.

The faith leaders did this Thursday, citing a “need of moral leadership” and “hope for a better future,” The Hill reports.

The endorsements come from such notable progressive faith leaders as Nadia Bolz-Weber, a Lutheran Minister and founder of the House for All Sinners and Saints, an LGBTQ friendly church in Denver, and Robert W. Lee IV, a descendant of the infamous Confederate general. Lee IV most notably stepped down as pastor of a North Carolina church after publicly supporting Black Lives Matter in 2017.

Some former Democratic state lawmakers are also onboard, including Paul Rosenthal (Colo.) and Natalie Phelps Finnie (Ill.)

For a number of the faithful, the Biden-Harris team is a break from the Trump administration’s increasing authoritarianism and some of the more unusual endorsements have come from Ron Snider, president emeritus of Evangelicals for Social Action (funny, I thought all evangelicals adored Trump), John Phelan former seminary dean and president of the evangelical North Park Theological Seminary, and the Reverend David Beckmann, who spent nearly three decades as president of Bread for The World.

“This election presents a stark moral contrast between the common good values of the Biden-Harris agenda and the divisiveness of the current administration,” noted Frederick A. Davie, the chair of the coalition. “I hope you will join us in putting principle over partnership as we support a better way forward.”

It’s very cool that these leaders are showing their support here, but even with that, it’s still not clear whether the Biden-Harris team is making a dent in the large majority of evangelical voters who cast their ballots for Trump in 2016 and might be supporting him again in 2020. Let’s hope these people are capable of listening to reason.

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