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Parkland Teens Dancing on the NRA’s Grave: ‘Thoughts and Prayers!’

As a purely political matter, the lawsuit to dissolve the NRA filed in the state of New York by the New York Attorney General’s office might not have been the most perfectly timed move. For now, it will do little more than give the gunnerz more reason to fear that someone’s coming to get their guns and push them to the polls with even greater urgency than had they might have, had it just been “Trump” on the ballot. We don’t know.

But with respect to the need to get rid of the NRA, and especially with respect to whether the NRA deserves to have to go through this kind of process, we do know that they most certainly have earned this dissolution process. These are predators that have the blood of thousands on their hands.

It is a huge day of celebration for the many good people who have sought to destroy the NRA, and none have done more than the Parkland teens from Stoneman-Douglas High. Many of them were quick to let the NRA know that they were “thinking of them,” and that the NRA had their deepest sympathies.

Right now, many of us are willing to hand the country over to some pretty pissed off teenagers.

Sounds pretty maturely thought out.

That is one of the reasons that the NRA will have such a difficult time surviving this. They will castigate this as liberals coming after people’s guns, but then have to explain whey they needed $3.6 million for luxury car services.


It will take them a long time. The denial is wrapped up in guns, which is wrapped into their psyche. It will serve as the template for the entire Trump movement.


Thoughts and prayers.


Peace, y’all
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