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Psychiatry Professor Says We Must Stop Ignoring Trump’s Cognitive Impairment, ‘This Is Dementia!”

John Talmadge is a psychiatry professor at the Harvard School of Medicine, and he has been watching Trump for some time. He has said that in his clinical opinion, Trump was in advanced cognitive decline. It is incredible that true specialists in this area of disease can come out – putting their professional credentials on the line to say, “This man is ill,” and have it be the president, and it barely turns a head anymore.

But no one could watch that Axios interview on HBO with Jonathan Swan and think that Trump was in any way in control of his faculties, and more people are now talking about Trump’s cognitive decline after the interview. Talmadge is one of them, setting it out without any fear of consequences:

Please stop ignoring Trump’s cognitive impairment. Trump is cognitively impaired, disabled, incompetent. He is incapable. He can’t process information. He can’t engage in dialogue. His memory & judgment are defective. This is dementia,

And yet the country does ignore it. During Trump’s press conference this evening, he called the Beirut explosion an “attack,” and when pressed upon it, said that he met with “our great generals” and they told him it was a bomb of some kind.

No one believes him. They believe what the Lebanese government put out, that it was an accident. A massive explosion happened in the Middle East – just what the world needed – and Trump calls it an attack. No one believes him! This is what it looks like to have a president with dementia.

More people had observations along the exact same lines.

We have published video of interviews from ten years ago. He was far more lucid and capable of nuance – relatively speaking.

This is completely besides the point. If the president doesn’t understand the difference between 25% of the cases, or a 25% increase, that’s it – that’s all that matters. He isn’t qualified to be president.

We didn’t notice. The above picture could be a little off because Trump wears platform heels – we have produced pictures of them, but all the other symptoms are there, too.


Yes, and that is why he shouldn’t be president, even though no one loves him, including his family. But his family should be preparing him to step down, somehow.


Peace, y’all
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