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Sweaty and Slurring Trump Goes Nuts At NH Rally, ‘I Don’t Talk About My Ass!’

Donald Trump is back on the campaign trail today following his speech at the end of the RNC convention Thursday night.

Trump is holding a rally tonight in Manchester, New Hampshire. The most recent polling — taken before the DNC and RNC conventions — shows Joe Biden leading in the state.

The president’s rally comes amid continued civil unrest across the country, including serious athlete protests after the shooting of Jacob Blake and the March on Washington happening today. In his speech last night, Trump continued to denounce violence and riots in cities like Kenosha.

And he certainly had a few crazy things to say about protestors tonight.

Here is Trump talking about his ass. No seriously. I honestly don’t know what in the world he’s trying to say here, either:

Trump then gets nasty and says that people protesting don’t even know who George Floyd is. Obviously, this is a lie and Trump has no basis for saying it. He’s just rotten to the core.

And it wouldn’t be a Trump rally with a little slurring:

This rally is Trump’s typical fare. He’s happy as a clam. Being racist, and basking in the applause.

Here’s Trump lamenting that cops can’t be rough enough. Yes, at a time when the country is split because of police violence, Trump is sad we can’t have more:

Here is Trump just flat-out lying. None of this happened. It’s not real. He just lies and doesn’t care.

Listen to these dumb hicks applauding Trump being racist. What is wrong with these people?

I’ll wrap it up with this lie, that Mexico is paying for the wall. God help us.


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