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Trump Declares He Won’t Hold Rallies Anymore Because He Cannot Have Empty Seats

Donald Trump has been busy campaigning today, you just can’t see him, because he’s been doing radio interviews. It was in one of those radio chats that Trump gave the nation his latest “Sir Story.” Normally the Sir Stories indicate that a lie is coming, but Trump used today’s story to relay a deep truth. The “rally” is extinct and Trump knows it, because Trump knows that social distancing is here to stay and he cannot have rallies with empty seats.

It’s the end of an era.

From the Washington Post:

“You can’t have empty seats,” Trump said in an interview with Fox Sports Radio. “You know, if I had five empty seats — for instance, they said, ‘Would I do a rally, sir?’ The reason I won’t do them [is] because, ‘You can have one seat and then seven around that seat, sir, have to be empty.’ ”

“Oh, that’ll look great,” he added sarcastically. “You know, you have one person and everything’s empty around them. You can’t do that.”

Trump then talked about how much he loved rallies, “I love to do the rallies,” giving the game away. Most people who dream of being president dream of the things that they can do to help people, or change the world. Trump dreams of being lionized by adoring voters at rallies. Real mature.

It sounds like the Trump campaign planned on using the rallies to almost build a “Trump lifestyle” with multi-day “experiences.”

One official said at the time that the campaign had planned to turn the rallies into “five-day experiences,” with Pence and other campaign surrogates coming to town days before Trump arrived to gin up enthusiasm. The president was expecting to be holding multiple rallies weekly by this point in the race, and aides have said the pandemic has forced them to retool.

And we wonder how it all became a cult. FIVE DAY experiences? Are you kidding me?

Someone has probably already written a parable or fable about Trump and rallies, about how overlooking real dangers to real people allowed COVID to spread, which ended the rallies, which ended the chance for a “five-day Trump experience,” which hampered the Trump campaign, which – hopefully – ends the Trump presidency. We look forward to reading it. For now, however, it does appear that Trump has finally grasped the fact that this disease is here until we stamp it out and he cannot get people to pretend it doesn’t exist. The rallies are gone.

Now we hope we can say the same thing about Trump soon enough.


Peace, y’all
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