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Trump Just Said That Florida CAN Do Mail-In Ballots Because They Have a ‘Great’ Republican Governor

In what was a complete snoozer of a press conference, one in which Trump read number after number in order to help us understand that the economy is exploding and COVID is going ice-cold, Trump didn’t make a lot of waves. He did contradict what we’ve all been told about the Beirut explosion, calling it a “bomb” according to “our great generals,” but people think he’s just lying or lost about that assertion. (That’s where things stand right now with respect to the president of the United States, people blow off what they see as lies to make up for misspeaking). Trump had managed to put everyone to sleep right up until the very last question, which referenced why it was that Trump tweeted Floridians should vote by mail, but other states could be a problem.

“Florida has a great Republican governor …” His very first words told the whole story. Those words have the nation terrified as to what is now happening in Florida and what else might be going on.

This is a rather remarkable thing for a president to say, and do we even need to do the Obama comparison if, say, Pennsylvania had a huge Obama supporter as governor? But the thing that’s truly scary is that he likely said the quiet part out loud, at first, and went on to muddy it up from that point forward. We are left to wonder.

The intelligence committee got a hearing today on foreign influence in our election, we’re not saying the two are related, but they are occurring today.

What is definitely related is that Trump thinks it’s important to have a state with a Republican governor to do vote by mail. Something is very wrong in the “rigging” process, if Trump is now hand-picking, in which states he wants to have his supporters vote by mail.

We HOPE that is all it is.

That’s what we fear it might be.

There are literally SOOO many ways to rig this once one opens the door.

It is genuinely terrifying, though we’ve already reported on the fact that Trump has thrown out all hope for a free and fair election long ago, we admit that we didn’t see this coming.

Hopefully he has only figured out that his older supporters in Florida aren’t coming out to polling places.


Peace, y’all
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