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Trump’s Niece Describes a Toxic Family Dynamic Where ‘Being Kind’ Was Seen as a ‘Sign of Weakness’

Democracy Now spent an hour interviewing Mary Trump about her book Too Much is Never Enough and Rawstory published some of the transcripts.

Trump says she wrote her book because she believes that the country is on a “knife’s edge” and that she didn’t want people going to go vote in November without knowing who they were voting for. She has also been upfront about the fact that the “values” the Trump family instilled within Donald Trump are now taking a toll upon the country.

Mary states that in the Trump family, being kind to someone is associated with weakness. We know from watching Trump over the last five years, that there seems to be nothing worse in Trump’s mind than someone seeming to be “weak.” Apparently this comes from years of programming within the Trump family where his dad trained them to be “killers,” an interesting word because Trump used that very term while bragging to his friends at the Bedminster Golf Club, speaking of the press, “All the killers are out there, wow. You’ll get to see what we deal with on a daily basis.”

The most interesting aspect of Mary’s description is that she is describing the person who is the hero of the evangelical Christian right, and yet there doesn’t seem to be anything remotely “Christian” about the Trump family’s approach to life:

I mean, he wouldn’t have put it in those terms, but, you know, he had his real estate empire, and his oldest son and namesake, my father, was going to be his successor, and his empire was going to last in perpetuity. Unfortunately for my father’s sake, he wasn’t the right kind of person in my grandfather’s eyes. My grandfather needed somebody who was a killer, who was a tough guy, somebody who would win at all costs and was not weak in any way. In my family, being kind was considered being weak. Admitting your mistakes and apologizing for them was equated with weakness, as well.

Christianity is supposed to be premised upon the strength one finds in being kind, charitable, “blessed are the peacemakers,” and confessing when one’s wrong, such actions are supposed to be the ultimate sign that one has a strength that transcends this world. Indeed, Trump’s approach seems to be nothing more than justification to do what one wants, to meet one’s own desires and needs.

The revelations in the interview no longer surprise anyone because the story has been told, but that doesn’t mean we still shouldn’t be shocked, or at least horrified, by them. Something about the book and Mary Trump bothers Don, he tried to block the book’s publication. But at this point, it seems nothing will wake that portion of the American public that believes Trump is doing God’s work as president, stamping out weakness, also known as “kindness.”


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