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Trump’s Spiritual Advisor Says Satan Invented Coronavirus to Stop the Re-Election of Trump

Right-wing pastor James Robison has served as a spiritual adviser in the Trump White House and is one of the president’s ardent supporters. He popped up in an interview Wednesday with equally Trump-loving evangelical leader Samuel Rodriguez and the two discussed their also equally nutty ideas about the pandemic.

Robison said he believes Satan is going “ballistic” and has caused the COVID-19 pandemic in order to prevent President Donald Trump from being reelected because Trump was leading the U.S. into a spiritual awakening, according to Right Wing Watch.

He also claimed that the various crises and controversies that the U.S. is suffering today are the result of a very panicked Satan.

“We were seeing miraculous answers to prayer,” Robison said. “Satan, the father of lies, division, dissension, death, and destruction was losing ground that he has gained. We were beginning to see the value of every life, the importance of loving every person, beginning with God and our neighbors. We were beginning to see the economy become strong again. We were seeing the justice system reformed mightily. We were seeing great change. We were seeing security in our nation becoming stronger, our military to protect freedom and all that is precious becoming strong.”

Yeah, well, when it comes to “loving every person,” Robison and his fellow evangelicals usually have exceptions to this suggestion. Your spouse being the same sex as you are, is one such instance, being poor is another. Because evangelicals like Paula White and Joel Osteen hoard hundreds of millions of dollars that could otherwise be used to house and feed probably every poor family in the U.S. But that’s just not the evangelical creed.

And as far as the justice system being reformed? I’m sure Robison loves those jack-booted members of the “justice system” who have been terrorizing people in Portland.

Rather than address any of these issues in a supportive way, Robison continues to insist Satan has flipped his lid.

“I’m saying, and I really do believe this, Satan himself, losing ground, went ballistic,” he told Rodriguez. “We were beginning to push back miraculously, and of all things, the last person on the planet we thought would stand up for what’s right — this president, Donald J. Trump — began to stand up for what was best. And I personally believe the pandemic, the whole bit, is not just that we were too often vulnerable, but I believe Satan went ballistic and had to stop the progress that was being made because we were glimpsing a spiritual awakening and answered prayer.”

Rodriguez concurred.

“We can’t deny the fact that it can’t be a coincidence that COVID-19, the social unrest, the melees, all of this takes place in this limited span of time,” Rodriguez said. “What is the enemy so mad about? I agree.”

How typically American. To suggest Satan is mowing down people in the U.S. as if that’s the only place where the pandemic is raising hell. It’s mowing down people in Central- and South America with alarming alacrity, and India and Russia are struggling under the weight of this, although their death rates are far lower.

Robison and Rodriguez are nearsightedly neurotic and I’ve included their nonsense in the video below.

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