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American Fury: Trump About to Hold His First Indoor Rally of Late-Campaign and it Appears to be Illegal

It is one of our low points as Americans.

Of course, we’re not talking about any liberal-progressive Democrats. None would or will attend an indoor rally. Biden won’t have one because he doesn’t want people to get hurt, let alone die. This is a MAGA thing. But we still share a nation with the Right-wing, and thus they’re included in this “nation’s low point.” Donald Trump is now holding indoor rallies again. He will hold one tonight, and like everything Trump, once he gets a bite of that apple, there’s little limit on what he won’t do.

People are going to die this fall due to his rallies. It is inevitable, ask Herman Cain’s family (we do not intend to be disrespectful, we do wonder if they’re bitter). We have learned a lot about this virus in the 10 months we’ve studied it. We learned that wearing masks, keeping our distance, and staying outdoors is far safer than the alternative. And so right on cue, what do they do? Trump and his supporters eschew masks and head indoors for a rally with packed crowds, literally yelling their lungs out.

On the day that the NFL opens to empty stadiums (and most are outdoors) Trump is willing to be more reckless. This inevitably makes us less safe. The more the disease goes around, the more it goes around, so to speak. Some of us with healthcare workers in the family are really angry.

Lots of people are furious. Oh! And did we mention that it’s illegal?

It’s not murder, but one can make a case that it’s negligent homicide. We know that Trump worries about civil liability (the money part, he worries about the money) because he has people sign waivers. We do not know with certainty whether tonight’s attendees signed waivers but he’s used them before.

We regret the risk he imposes upon reporters that have to cover him, forced into a dangerous situation. It was dangerous enough just having the MAGA heads hate and threaten them.

Like your mother said, if 10,000 people jumped off a bridge would you join them? The reasoning above does nothing to make attending safer. It is like saying “other people are doing things just as dangerous, so you’ll have company in the hospital or funeral home.” But we should point out that in most BLM protests people are wearing masks and not packed together.


Peace, y’all
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