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Americans Appalled After Trump Says that COVID ‘Affects Virtually Nobody’ — 200,000 Americans Would Disagree

We have at least three to four readers who regularly correspondent with us, great people, who have gone through COVID. One reader from New York City had COVID during the great wave in late March and early April. She survived but for over a month as she laid in her apartment – a strong young woman, an actress, of 60 years old – she doubted she would. She still gets short of breath at times. She still gets headaches. She is too afraid to have an ultrasound of her heart. Again, she survived and according to statistics, she is “over” COVID, except she is not.

So to many people, it is deeply personal to see an American president, desperate to be reelected on one of the worst records for an incumbent president in American history, minimize the disease that he’s mismanaged from the start, to say that it “affects virtually nobody.”

Trump subscribes – to some degree – to eugenics. He is a believer in great genes, it is well documented. One can almost hear the undertones of what he’s saying. The people that COVID impacts are the sick, the weak, and the old – the ones that “deserve” to be thinned.

In one of the most remarkable twists of logic, the man saying this has been said to have heart problems, is morbidly obese, is not “old” but is advanced age (same as Herman Cain) and some say that he has already suffered from some sort of neurological incident. If Trump got COVID, he might well be one of those people who “doesn’t do well.” His odds would be such that … he would rather not get it.

In some ways, it is a miracle that he hasn’t gotten it yet. The Secret Service and White House Ops are the best in the world, but they’re only as good as the guy they’re working with and it’s a miracle.

Regardless, some people affected by COVID had something to say in response:


Peace, y’all
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