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Brutal Daily Beast Column Excoriates Melania Trump for Being Trump’s Racist Accessory in the White House


We have been reporting on Melania extensively over the last year, always careful to make everything factual and always careful to not grade Melania on the “Mel-curve.” Our national media created a “Mel-curve” in which it excuses much of her atrocious behavior out of a mix of traditional “stupid immigrant” American snobbery and the fact that Melania was so hopelessly out of her depth as a relatively uneducated former model, idiot, who can’t even be bothered to speak the language correctly despite having lived here for almost twenty-four years (!) and being a citizen for almost fifteen. We refuse to treat Mel like a child or give her some kind of benefit of the doubt that NO other woman would get. She gets half the curve by being white and attractive.

The Daily Beast now has our back and is out with an op-ed with the same message. Melania is a grown woman and knowing accessory to Trump’s worst crimes, including Trump’s horrific racism. Kali Holloway brilliantly writes:

One of the most telling details from recent tell-alls is that Melania Trump is both unmoved by her husband’s infidelities, and indifferent to his sexual assaults. “He is who he is,” is said to be her nonchalant mantra. “I know who I married.” 

Yes, she does say it unapologetically. That’s just Donald, the man she married, and she’s fine with playing the dutiful wife because she apparently gets what she wants out of the deal no matter how reprehensible he might be. There is no limit.

Yet Melania, even as she upholds violent white supremacy, demands to be seen as the injured party, dubbing herself “the most bullied person” in the world. That feigned victimology has mostly worked for her. American history is rife with Melanias, women whose whiteness presumed an innocence and virtuosity that was all too often defended with violence

It has mostly worked for her – the Mel curve – but not on this website. The traditional media does most certainly gloss over Melania’s complicity in all that is Trump, including his two most abhorrent aspects, his sexual predation, and his virulent racism.

Holloway then goes down a list of Melania’s horrific apologist responses to many allegations involving her husband, including blaming the victim in the “Me, Too” movement, when Mel questioned whether anyone “ever check[ed] the background of these women?” Mel espoused sadistic birtherism when she was the one with fcked-up papers and a story that wasn’t complete, never mind accurate. She also lies like a Trump, the “supermodel success,” (she was a soft porn star, some say escort, supermodels are not) the six languages thing (one could say it is one and a half), and talking about her “degree in architecture.” Lies.

Annddd, Holloway also made mention of the thing we’ve been pounding upon for over a year. Melania is greedy “AF” in her “all me” outlook on the world:

At least in a rare moment of accidental transparency, Melania admitted she sees being first first lady as a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… to launch a broad-based commercial brand in multiple product categories, each of which could have garnered multi-million dollar business relationships for a multi-year term.” She may have married into the Trump family, but she has a knack for greed and corruption that’s all her own. 

Again, not to make this about ourselves but welcome to the real world, big media! Melania put her true self on display form the moment she shamelessly plagiarized Michelle Obama’s convention speech. Yet the media treats her as if there’s something normal about this First Lady. There is nothing normal about Melania, first lady or Junior club lady, any more than there’s something normal about Trump himself. They are two peas in their own gross pod, a match made in hell. She survived as trophy-wife because he’s now in no position to divorce her and she’s every bit the scheming, greed-infused, narcissist that he is. He finally met his match and someone finally joined us in calling it out.

She is no victim. Americans are.


Peace, y’all
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