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Democrats are Getting Serious Talking About IMPEACHMENT and Don Jr. Doesn’t Like That One Bit

Many of us have been learning arcane congressional procedures over the last few days. Apparently, if the House impeaches an executive officer such as Trump or Barr (we don’t know about judicial officer), all Senate work stops in order to deal with the impeachment process until the impeachment matter is settled. Thus it is that Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, and even AOC are all discussing the impeachment of either Trump or Barr in order to pre-empt the advise and consent procedures in the senate to affirm Trump’s new pick for the SCOTUS.

The idea is picking up steam as more and more Democrats seem to agree that no idea is too extreme or out of bounds to use in this critical matter. Perhaps the Democrats are finally learning to play the same game that Republicans have been playing all along.

To prove the point, it isn’t often that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Chuck Schumer agree on much of anything, but AOC and Schumer do agree that Trump and the Republicans must be stopped:

Interesting that the RNC Research counsel finds such an idea to be that big a threat. The Republicans invent new roles as they go along.

Meanwhile, Don Jr. senses possible trouble ahead. The last thing Junior wants is another impeachment process to navigate, even if there is little concern about guilt or innocence with respect to the vote (in reality there would be a lot of guilt). Anytime Trump has his actions reviewed closely there is a real danger in something accidentally popping up that could spell trouble. The Trumps have lived on that edge for their entire term.

Yes, Junior, that is exactly what Democrats want to do and since we keep winning more votes in elections – every presidential election since 1992, it is about time we had a Supreme Court that reflected the will of those people.

Normally we’re pretty cautious at this site about getting too far removed from the normal rules as applied to procedures, but with this, we think all the stops need be pulled out. Impeach them both.


Peace, y’all
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