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Don Jr. Has a Panic Attack on Fox News as He Tries to Explain Why His Father Only Pays $750 in Taxes

Reading through the internet this morning it is hard to escape the sense that everything has changed overnight.

True, nothing to this point in Trump’s presidency has shaken the MAGA heads out of their slavish loyalty. And yet they have never been asked to absorb such a fundamental blow to the “image” that Trump created from the beginning. Once the original image is shattered, does everything fall with it? It would seem as though we are about to find out.

Below, we have just one source, and we cannot judge the value of the information – it’s merely an opinion:

And an opinion that we’ve all come to respect, from George Conway:

Trump was already swimming upstream, behind in all the polls, especially in the Mid-West. Incumbents that feel great about their chances aren’t talking about “rigged this” or “rigged that” and ninth justices to decide elections. He knew he was in deep trouble prior to these allegations.

Attempts at damage control are all they have right now and Don Jr. got the call this morning – god only knows why. He usually isn’t a “morning” person. Below, it’s impossible not to notice that Junior never says that the New York Times story is “wrong.” He just says it leaves a lot out. Hysterically, the list of things Junior says are “left out” indicate just how far up shit creek they’ve portaged the canoe.

In answer to your first question, yes, it appears that Don Jr. did order a $750.oo triple espresso this morning, but that’s par for the course nowadays.

Second, it is never a good idea to tell the voters that they “don’t understand things” – so he’s off to a bad start, right there. Moreover, of course, an income tax return “doesn’t include property taxes,” everyone understands that. The rest of Junior’s diatribe sounds like complete panicked gibberish because it is, in fact, completely panicked gibberish.

Junior then does what Trumps do, blames the New York Times for “trying to give Joe Biden a catchy soundbite” two days before the election. Well, in truth, “Donald Trump is poor” is a fairly catchy soundbite. Somehow it’s the New York Times’ fault that Trump never put out his tax returns?

It does seem as though everything has changed overnight because this morning, Fox News viewers are watching an obviously disturbed Don Jr. scream through a terrible answer, the bottom line of which is, “No fair, reporting on this two days before the debate!”


Peace, y’all
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