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Don Jr.’s Abhorrent Tweet About Biden and Osama bin Laden Gets Massive Pushback: ‘His Niece Just Endorsed Your Daddy!’

There are a few issues that Americans consider a little too sacred or too damaging to make political. Not many, but there are a few. Anything to do with 9-11 falls on that list. It must be due to some combination of the fact that it was such an abhorrent act with painful death and destruction and the fact that it was the last time this nation really united as one and truly loved each other – including our Muslim-Americans. We actually did ourselves proud and the entire world had our backs for an all too brief period. We don’t like making 9-11 political.

Don Junior and the Trumps don’t give a damn. They have chosen to go there. Don Junior wants us all to think that Osama Bin Laden would love to have Joe Biden as president. This is despite the fact that it was Joe Biden and Barack Obama’s administration that banged on his door and killed him. But the larger point is that one has to be one sick mother ffff to want to pin the “Bin Laden” name on Biden, or anyone, for that matter. Surely to god there are enough issues that each side can throw around that one doesn’t need to go there, right?

Wrong, at least according to the Trumps. As always, there is also a killer irony to this since it was Bin Laden’s niece from Switzerland that recently endorsed Trump as a true MAGA head would. No, we don’t put that on Trump, or her, because we’re progressives. It just makes what Don Jr. is doing that much more despicable.

Or maybe Bin Laden just wanted to kill off a president and didn’t care at all who the number two was? Or maybe this is all bullshit in the first place since no one confirmed it?

Americans were furious with Junior.


Peace, y’all
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