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Don Jr. Thinks Americans are Just Too Dumb to Understand Big Fancy Taxes, Suggests NYT Look Into Hunter Biden Instead

Donald Trump Jr. is in damage control mode now that a report by The New York Times has released an extensively-researched report that shows that his dad, President Donald Trump has paid very little federal income taxes over the years by saying this is something that average Americans “don’t understand” about running a business, Newsweek reports.

Junior says the report doesn’t paint a clear enough picture, per Newsweek of “what a healthy business looks like amid the murky world of corporate loans, government contracts and tax credits.”

So he hopped on Fox & Friends Monday morning, to downplay his father’s ginormous losses and the minuscule percentage paid by the real estate magnate. Indeed Trump Jr. insisted repeatedly that his father has paid “tens of millions of dollars” in taxes not revealed in the Times’ report and then turned feisty — demanding to know if and how the newspaper came by its findings legally.

He further criticized the newspaper for investigating his father’s taxes and demanded it report on alleged financial ties between Hunter Biden and Russia. Like some of his father’s supporters, he said his father was merely taking advantage of tax opportunities that are available to wealthy business owners.

At one point, host Brian Kilmeade asked Trump:

“You guys only paid $750 [each year] in taxes and the NYT report goes on and on for days. But you guys’ organization have $300 million in loans due over the next three years — what can you tell us about this story?”

“Listen, it’s ridiculous, my father’s paid tens of millions of taxes,” Trump responded. “If he does things in certain years where you get depreciation, where you get the write-off, where you get historical tax credits,” whereupon he further explained by noting his organization turned the old Washington, D.C. post office into the Trump International Hotel, in 2016.

“That was literally a government contract,” Trump said. “We bid against every hotel company in the world, historical tax credits that you use to offset tax payments for taking the risk to build that. That was done under the Obama administration. It literally took an act of Congress to get it done. So with that comes historical tax credits. That’s the reality. People don’t understand what goes into a business.”

Like his father, he’s been deflecting criticism and instead suggesting journalists focus on the Biden Family and The New York Times as an organization.

“If they only spent as much time looking for maybe, I don’t know, Hunter Biden’s tax returns and the Biden family issues, where Hunter’s taking money from a known associate of Vladimir Putin…think about that.”

Father and son took to Twitter to defend their real estate organization and shared this tweet from Mike Cernovich, who’s an anti-feminist #pizzagate conspiracy theorist who seems to also be (surprise, surprise) a Trump supporter.

I have no idea whether Hunter Biden is involved in any questionable dealings with Russia, but we do know the president was, and the fact that these two are retweeting a pizzagate conspiracy theorist pretty much tells you what you need to know: Donald Trump’s federal taxes should continue to be gone over with a fine-toothed comb.

Here’s what Trump Jr. had to say in the video below.

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