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EPIC Trolling by the Lincoln Project: New Video Shows Several Instances of Trump’s Brain Malfunctioning

Okay, who else genuinely feared for Biden’s life when Trump turned to Biden with an entirely different kind of anger, one not born out of rage so much out of something darker, something sinister, something … God only knows and said “Don’t ever use that word ‘smart’ with me”?

That moment felt unprecedented in American political history and had Biden said something like “Why? Because it’s embarrassing to pay someone to take your SATs? Because it’s embarrassing to brag about passing tests where you have to point to a lion, a bear, and an elephant?” perhaps Trump would’ve leaped across the stage and a physical attack might have ensued – which, while tragic, might have presented a fascinating legal issue for the Secret Service who are charged with the protection of both men.

Everyone knows that Trump’s insecurity is “nucular” in its power and that he thinks he deserves a “Noble” prize. So maybe it’s a bit of a touchy subject with him. The moment conjured up some of the funniest lines in movie history from A Fish Called Wanda, where Kevin Cline played “Otto” (“It means eight”) who famously didn’t like being called “stupid.” We’re not repeating them here but suffice it to say that some of Otto’s most hilarious lines were tied to “Don’t call me stupid!”

It is in that spirit this morning that the Lincoln Project is trolling Otto, we mean Trump, who is so stupid that he doesn’t want to hear the word “smart” used around him. Forget the Trump tweet above, it’s just the same stuff we’ve heard for a month, Trump terrified of people actually voting. The hilarity ensues below:

“Don’t call me stupid!” and “Don’t ever use that word with me!” Forever joined. Americans loved the Grade A trolling:

Or just see A Fish Called Wanda, either, or.



Peace, y’all
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